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2010 Medical Mission of Hope

The team spare headed the Diabetes and Hypertension screening and awareness program. In addition to screening for high-risk patients and distributing crucial medication, the team also provided potentially life-saving education on the causes, symptoms and treatments (both medical and nutritional) of Diabetes.


In total almost 20,000 patients spread across several Lagos local governments were reached, most of whom came from disadvantaged and vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and the elderly. Through HealthBeam’s work, over 8,000 educational materials including dietary information on African foods and diabetes educational materials translated to Yoruba (local language) were distributed. In addition, patients received formal medical records for the first time containing critical information such as blood sugar and blood pressure levels that will empower them to take the necessary remedial medical or lifestyle actions, and also track their progress. These records also form a solid foundation on which local healthcare workers can continue to build on delivering health services to this urban inner-city poor.


At the end of the mission visit Mrs. Akindana and her team were honored at a reception by the Lagos State Government and Governor Babatunde Fashola for this high-impact contribution to the lives of Lagos inhabitants and the development of the foundation for diabetes care in the state.


 HealthBeam remains committed to its mission of sustainable health through education and prevention. Please consider supporting our work by donating today and may God bless you.

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HealthBeam - Fighting Diabetes Through Education